Now we get to the hardest part, building rapport on tinder to the point where she’s comfortable enough to give you her number and meet up with you. Now there are a million ways to do this and many different sources claim to offer the right way on how to build comfort over messaging, I’m going to demonstrate how I do it and then list the resources I used when I was learning online game. Now you have to remember, you’re not trying to get her facebook or any other bullshit social network info, you’re going straight for the number so you can arrange a meetup as soon as possible. Any guy who tells you its better to add her on facebook rather than get her number is the kind of guy who instead of sleeping with these girls, stalks them online and jerks it to their photos at 4 am.


Let’s get right into building rapport. I’m going to make this even simpler for you guys and divide the interaction into two different conversations, one started with her responding positively to my opener and the other responding negatively.


Let’s go over what we’ll be doing when we actually start having a conversation with this girl. Simply put we’re going to be qualifying her, we’re going to be challenging her to see if she is worth our time. Now some guys are worried about challenging these girls, they think that if they give them a challenge that they’ll just give up and stop responding, and really this couldn’t be further from the truth. When a man has a woman qualify herself to him he is getting her to invest in him, and women really want to see a return on that investment. Now having a girl invest in you automatically makes you a high status male, which gives you the upper hand in the interaction. Investment is the name of the game when it comes to rapport.

Positive Response

Let’s use my favorite opener as an example. I say “I’m planning a bank heist, you in?” She responds with “Absolutely.” Now with a response like that I could just jump straight to the number but where’s the fun in that? I’d give my follow up response which goes something along the lines of “woah, woah slow down, how do I know you’re not going to screw me over?” Now I’ve gotten so many responses to this one ranging from “You don’t ;)” to “Don’t worry I’m not a cop, but I do like handcuffs :P.”

Negative Response

Now let’s say she responds with “No thanks, I’m good.” Most guys would simply just stop dead right there and not even take notice to the fact that instead of simply ignoring you she responded, which really is her way of saying “I’m not robbing a bank but if you have a less illegal activity in mind I’d be open to considering it.”


The game of rapport is simply to get her to give a few positive responses and then transfer to getting her number so you can get her out on a date.


Next Step: Getting Her Number

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