While simply copy/pasting the same message to a hundred different girls is a very viable option considering you don’t need a mile long list of good tinder openers, however it always helps knowing how to come up with an original opener every now and then, especially when a girl’s inbox is overflowing with the same lame message.

Now there’s a few steps involved with creating an original opener and trust me it’s a load easier than you would think. One of the main reasons I’m able to send out such good tinder openers is mainly because I read a lot of books and watch a lot of shows. Being exposed to a ton of pop culture really contributed to the development of my wit. Now I’d love to be able and say that I learned how to be good at getting girls on Tinder or even online in general but truthfully I have to give credit to the guys at Real Social Dynamics, especially Todd who taught me everything I could ever want to know about getting girls online, if you you’re looking to do the same, check out his advanced program where he goes over his sneaky system of getting girls, that he meets online, in bed with him.

Coming up with a new opener

Those are the only four things going through my head whenever I’m writing a unique opener to a girl and to be honest every time I write an opener the better I get at it. Now let’s go over what each part means.

Being non-needy

Much like being independent of the outcome, being non-needy when it comes to good tinder openers means to simply showcase that you have your own thing going on no matter what activity it is or how many people take part in it you’re showing that her response does not dictate whether you’re going to have a good time. An example of a needy/value-leeching text is the simple “hey” or any variation there of, such has “how’s it going”, “hi there :)”, and “you’re cute.” I avoid these kinds of messages like the plague and if you want to sleep with the hottest girls on tinder, or ANY dating service whatsoever you need to as well.

Setting The Together Vibe

Now this is important for the same reason being assertive and confident in person is. You need to control the frame and ensure that she is feeling the Man-to-woman vibe. This entails inviting her to join you on whatever activity you have planned, and I can’t stress this enough, you’re inviting her NOT begging her. All it takes to do this is to simply write “you in?” At the end of whatever activity you’re planning on doing. I.E. “I’m doing such and such, you in?”

Showing Playfulness

When coming up with the activity make sure its something fun, not just “I’m getting coffee, you in?” Come up with something adventurous and borderline eccentric. This is where being witty and having a good sense of what adventure means to a girl comes into play, she’s not looking for some guy to take her on a hunt for the lost ark of the covenant but she is looking for a guy that can take the same feeling an adventure of that scale would have and integrates it into his lifestyle.

Limiting Her Investment

This is by far the best way to maximize the number of responses you’ll receive from all your good tinder openers. What do I mean by limiting her investment? When you send an open ended question like “how’s it going” the one thing you’re demonstrating is that you’re abundant, that you have nothing better to do but sit around and wait for a complete stranger to tell you her life story. Now here’s the right way to do it, phrase your openers so that it comes down to a yes or no answer. You’re giving her an opportunity to enhance her life by spending time with you, NOT the other way around.

Based on how well your message qualifies as a good tinder opener as per accordance to my guidelines determines whether she’ll reply back or not. Remember this girl matched with you and wants to find out what you’re about, any response from her is a sign you’re in, the only negative response you can get from a girl is no response at all. Now its time to build rapport with the girl and have her become comfortable enough to give you her number.

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[Revised and Updated for 2016]
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