Now we’re nearing the home stretch, you’ve built the rapport in a frame built on your flirty playful personality. Now you’re wondering how to ask a girl for her phone number over Tinder and just like there’s a million ways to building rapport, there’s the same amount when it comes to getting her number. You could simply go “here send me your number” with or without a reason why she should do it. My favourite method as it is the most efficient is just to send “416 555 1234, here text me and we’ll exchange some witty messages.” It saves her from having to type out her number and it saves me from having to wait for another message on Tinder, its a win-win.

Now say she doesn’t text me with in a reasonable amount of time, which I usually gauge to at most an hour. The simple solution to this is to cultivate empathy by saying “Haha I guess I was a little too forward” and then its back to building rapport until she shoots me a text. Simple. Now you have her number and you’ve gotten a better platform for communicating. Now its time to get her to meet you in person.

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[Revised and Updated for 2016]
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