Your Tinder Bio

Now the most important thing to always keep in mind about your tinder tagline is that your bio means next to nothing. That’s right your tinder bio is not as important as you may think, though it allows you to type in up to 500 characters, don’t fall in to the trap of writing out your life story. The correct way to use your tagline is to keep it to a one sentence maximum. Tinder is meant to be an easy to use app requiring no effort to navigate it and that’s the mentality you need to portray, that this is just a thing you do to kill time and that you are completely indifferent of the outcome.

The best thing to do after you got your tinder tagline good and ready is to use the rest of that space to link to your Instagram account. In that account you should have more photos reinforcing the 4 you learned to take in the previous article. Using a website or online fame is also a great way to get girls to swipe right on you considering you offer an amazing boost of value right off the bat. Its not mandatory, but it helps significantly. 


Take a look at Julien’s tinder bio to the right. Its engaging, its simple, its damn effective. Now you don’t need to be banned from Australia and have a CNN hatchet job done on you in order to get the kind of response Julien gets. There’s no real right way to write a tinder bio, but there sure as all hell is a wrong way. For your benefit I’m going to list off EVERYTHING you should NEVER include in your tagline. Just because I love all of you magnificent bastards.

DO NOTs of your tinder tagline.

  • Do not brag in your tinder bio, don’t mention your job, your hobbies, or anything weird whatsoever.

  • Don’t use quotes in your tinder bio, you’re not a philosopher don’t pretend to come off as someone deep.

  • Do not leave the area blank (if you need an explanation why, you should probably stick to jacking off)

  • Don’t talk about what you’re looking for in a woman, or even worse what you want to do to a woman.

  • Do not state the obvious i.e. having an action photo of you on a motorbike and then having a tagline saying you like motorcycles.

  • Don’t try and be funny, especially with a punch line. It just comes off needy and weird.

Don’t do this. Ever.

This kid is a loser. Nothing screams boring to a girl more than listing your daily routine in your Tinder bio. He decides to take the typical abs in the mirror selfie she’s seen a hundred times in a row and is pretty convinced he’s lying about the friends part.

So for those of you who are saying too long; didn’t read. Just keep in mind that your tagline isn’t supposed to make you seem like James Bond, just calm, cool, and collected. If you try and write something long and deep you’re going to look like a tool, in fact a girl who was going to swipe right because of your photos might be turned off by your lame tinder bio.

Have the perfect tagline in mind for your Tinder bio but you still don’t have the app? Simply link your Facebook (don’t worry they don’t post anything to your wall) and Get the Tinder app today!


[Revised and Updated for 2016]
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