Now it comes down to cold-hard text game. There are plenty of guides available online for when it comes to setting up a tinder date.

When it comes to getting a girl to agree to meeting you in person you need to make sure that you have enough comfort built up between the two of you that she doesn’t feel pressured into it. You want to the keep the vibe playful and flirty so you can avoid any last minute resistance later on.

When it comes to setting the tinder date I always make sure its near her place, considering I live in downtown Toronto its not too hard to meet her if I simply say “hey I’m hanging out at chatime, you should come join me in my bubble tea addiction.” Sometimes she’s busy that day so then I’ll resort to planning a date with her but if you’re living in a more spaced out area stick to planning a meetup.

Now that you’ve gotten her to meet you, its all about escalating to sex, and believe me sex on the first date is very possible over Tinder.

Closing The Girl

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