This is it; you’ve swiped hundreds of girls with little to no avail. Thoughts like “I’m ugly”, “I must be a loser”, “Am I just a creep?” and “Tinder is only for supermodels” start filling your head. You’re about to delete the app from your phon- STOP!  Before you do that let me tell you something, one thing that will change everything, are you ready? Here it is. Looks. Don’t. Matter…What a load of bullshit. Looks are all that matter on Tinder, but here’s the thing you may not realize, the thing you totally and completely overlooked, Women are not attracted to a man solely on his physical appearance. They are attracted to the narrative that his being and in turn his tinder photos broadcast.

Confused? Let me explain. When a hot girl looks at your Tinder photos she is looking for just one thing…VALUE. That’s it. If all of your Tinder pictures were taken at home by yourself in a mirror, here is exactly what she’s thinking, she believes you don’t have any friends, that you don’t leave the house, that you’re lazy, narcissistic, and the worst one, a loser with no value.

Now I don’t have to tell you that girls aren’t into losers. They want winners, and you have to portray yourself as one to make it in this racket. You ready to learn how? Good. Let’s get started.

Here’s a List of What You Need.

  • A friend willing and able to use said DSLR Camera (If you don’t have a DSLR he/she most likely does)

  • Some kind of photo editing software (Instagram has some alright filters, however adobe products are the way to go)

Four Photos You Absolutely Must Have.

  • A Headshot (Not just your face but your torso as well)

  • A Full Body shot (Unless you’re Zyzz back from the dead, stay dressed)

  • A shot of you in a social situation (something upscale, not some house party)

  • A shot of you doing some kind of activity (athletic, artistic, or adventurous)


This is a perfect example of an excellent profile.

Now here’s the part where you all rush out to shoot these photos! But before you do,

let me give you a list of things NOT to do.

  • Only having your face in the photo

  • Be turned away from the camera (it’s okay to be looking away from the camera but keep it reasonable)

  • Posing with other people

  • Blurry photos

  • Wearing sunglasses

  • Black and white photos or photos with poor lighting

  • Posing shirtless

There you have it, if you’ve followed my advice your tinder pictures you should see a dramatic increase in the amount of matches you make from this point on. However keep in mind there is one more leak that can be costing you plenty of matches and that is your tinder tagline! Check out how to properly write a bio next!

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[Revised and Updated for 2016]
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